Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Stinkin New Year's Resolutions Blog Post

New Years.  Again.


Must mean it's time for "Resolutions".  Every single article, news piece, magazine and blog I've read lately has done nothing but mention these hellacious formal expressions of intent.  I swear every single year, on December 31st, I feel refreshed, renewed, reinvented and most of all, hopeful....and I go crazy with making resolutions for my self.  Which is pretty damn silly if you think about it.  I don't finish what I start. Ever.  Ask the Z-Man.  

Go ahead.  I'll wait.

See?  I can hear him now.  I bet he told you these exact things:  "She never ever finishes a project."  "She has 12 projects started. 0 Finished"  "She's the sexiest most amazing wife but can't finish a project to save her life."  

He DID say I was sexy and amazing.  Right?


Anyway, the point is, as I've often said....I don't finish many things that I start.  I'm surprised my kids all came out in one piece for Gawd's sake.   I think we've all seen examples of this just reading my blog.  I've promised weight loss.  I've promised recipes.  I've promised laughter.  I promised to bring you the "latest deals and steals".  Sure I've given you some of these things...but not consistently.  Hell, I barely post to this blog anymore.  See?  There I go again....not finishing what I've started.  

So after all is said and done, it's a New Year and I still feel obligated to make some resolutions. To pledge my commitment to you and put them to paper so I have something to refer to and you can all hold me accountable (uh, yeah....we've all seen how well that works, refer to my "Commitment" Post from January 2nd, 2011).  

This year, imma gonna (yes, you crazy literary, grammar loving people....I wrote "imma gonna" - because I CAN)  make me some lazy mom resolutions!  Resolutions even a commitment phobe, non project finisher mom like myself can keep!


*Tap *Tap *Tap.

Is this thing on?

Good.  Here goes nothin!

I, Misha Z, resolve to:

~ do less laundry ( I can do this one easy....the Z-Man is my Laundry superhero...leaping over tall piles of laundry in a single bound)
~ cook less and eat out more ( I figure, if I cook less, I'll eat less, 'cause I can't really afford to eat out more - which might just help me lose that weight I resolved to at the start of last year.  Right?)
~ drink more caffeine and more wine (I can soooooo accomplish this one)
~ not get stressed out about things.  like living paycheck to paycheck.  

~ not yell at my children as much.  (this one might be tough)
~ kiss said children MORE.  (this one is easy peasy lemon squeezy)
~ listen to my husband often.  (there ya go Z-Man - it's in WRITING-but ONLY because you called me sexy and amazing) .
~ make lemonade (add vodka) and enjoy the lemons life throws at me.

and last but not least:

~ blog more.  seriously.  I will.  maybe.  probably.  ok, fine.  Sometimes. 

So.  What have you resolved?  Got some good ones?  I would really like to hear them.  Here.  Not on my Facebook.  Not on my Twitter.  HERE.  On this blog.  Fess up people.  'Cause at the end of the year, we're going to see how many of us held ourselves accountable to our stupid ass resolutions.  

Oh...and just one more thing.  I want to wish every one of my family, friends and readers this wish:


  1. My goal is to prioritize more and worry less...let's see if that happens!

  2. Haha...nice! Mine are to lose the 30lbs I somehow gained after I worked so hard to lose it in the first place. Oh and the whole relationship thing...

  3. hmm...i'd like to stress less and take life as it is...and be more patient :-)

  4. I have resolved NOT to resolve!

  5. I do hope you keep your resolution to blog more, Miss Misha! I have recommended your blog in my advice column's Sunday blog review feature "Tazi Recommends..."! Here is the link so your readers can see your glory!

  6. I resolve to stop whining about how much work I have to do and just do it. Maybe then I'll have more time to relax and have fun.

  7. Stop being afraid of stuff. (Like Love)
    Doing something everyonce in a while that scares me.
    Do more volunteering.
    ONLY work the 45 hours required and not a minute more so I can try to enjoy live outside of work.
    Work My CM business so that eventually that will be my only business.

  8. Stop overextending myself.
    Spend more quality FUN time with my kids.
    Paint the kid's rooms after promising for 2 years!
    Try not to gain back the weight I lost! ACK! ;)


  9. lets see...
    1)try to remember that I don't have to control the world. although if everyone just listened to me it would be better for everyone.
    2)try to stop thinking that if everyone listened to me it would be better for everyone
    3)go to the evil place called the gym
    4)get the body I didn't have in my 20's so my 40's rock even more than they do.
    5)attempt NOT to have an nervous breakdown when the 2nd of my 3 children becomes a legal adult this year. How the HELL DID THAT HAPPEN!?!?!?
    6)appreciate the amazing life I have and the wonderful people I have been blessed with.

    I think I can handle number 6 at least.